Full text of "Byte Magazine Volume 02 Number 11 - Memory Mapped IO" See other formats ... SYSTEMS - SOLUTIONS If you have a problem that can be solved by a computer-we have a systems solution. Two central processors with maximum RAM capacities of 56K and 384 K bytes Three types of disk drives with capacities of 175K, 1.2M and 16M bytes Two dot matrix printers with 80 and 132 line capacity A Selectric typewriter interface and a daisy wheel printer Match these to your exact need, add ... 即使对同一封 装结构,在各公司的产品Datasheet上描述差异就很大(不同的文件名体 系、不同的名字称谓等);还有同一型号器件,而管脚排序不一样的情 况,等等。对老器件,例如你说的电感,是有不同规格(电感量、电 流)和不同的设计要求(插装/SMD)。

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