You can now record meeting attendance. Simply click the attendance icon, click the attendance icon behind person's name to change the status and MeetingKing will update your minutes document. Click attendance icon in the main navigation bar (organizer only) Click attendance icon to mark present or absent (organizer only)The first "full connected" paper-free system for verifying attendance. SoWeSign offer innovative digital attendance solutions : signature on tablets or smartphones, attendance time calculation, automatic creation of attendance recap, reliable archiving of documents and data.

Cover Page (PDF, 1 page, 71 KB) Cover Page (Word, 1 page, 152 KB) Columbia Co. 4H Club Secretary Book Index - directions (Word, 1 pagTroop Attendance and Dues RecordTroop Attendance and Dues Record Troop # _____ Troop Year _____Troop # _____ Troop Year _____ How to use this form: On meeting days when girls pay dues, indicate that dues are paid by marking an XXXX in the appropriate box, or by writing in the amount paid. In parent conference I pull out the book and parents see just how their student is doing. Some students have a string of tardiness and poor participation, but most do their best to keep the slate clean. With online attendance taking it can be difficult to keep a hard record for reference, but this gets the job done very well.