The Cat Empire - Strong Coffee Lyrics. It's like the sound of St Petersburg bells banging in my head The night train rattle shake and rumble through that cabin bunk bed Now Sigmun Fishies lyrics: I left the house left the room with the foxy on my back And my supplies in a magic pack And I followed the sound of music Not up a hill... but down to an old wharf shack Inside I heard the trumpet call I The Cat Empire's origins are traced back to Jazz Cat, a Melbourne-based band, led by Steve Sedergreen in 1999. Jazz Cat was a nine-piece group from different schools and backgrounds which debuted at the Manly Jazz Festival in Sydney. They gigged around Melbourne's jazz club scene including at Dizzy's (Sedergreen was a part-owner).

The Heart Is A Cannibal lyrics - the cat empire; Reasonably Fine lyrics - The Cat Empire; Call Me Home (Karna) lyrics - The Cat Empire; album: "So Many Nights" (2007) So Many Nights lyrics - The Cat Empire; Panama lyrics - The Cat Empire; Fishies lyrics - The Cat Empire; The Darkness lyrics - The Cat Empire; No Longer There lyrics - The Cat Empire As usual, The Cat Empire delivered a set that will not be forgotten. As a self-professed veteran Cat Empire gig attendee (this one being my 5th), I have to say that it was the best set I have seen from the band. If you only see one band a year, I vote The Cat Empire! Well done guys! – John Geijsman