Fact sheet definition: A fact sheet is a short , printed document with information about a particular subject ,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A fact sheet is one of a series of sample journalism/PR pieces for new and practicing freelance writers.It is a staple in the world of public relations and is used to concisely summarize an organization, news item, issue, or a cause to entice a journalist to write about a subject.

The following is a list of fact sheets on the various programs, offices, and initiatives across the agency and is for anyone who wants to learn more about each topic. Public Relations Fact Sheets by Professor Annette M. Taylor, University of Dayton. I. Fact sheets are fact filled public relations documents, usually one to two pages in length, that provide key background information for media, targeted publics and stakeholders. Fact sheet template is a tool that helps arrange the points easily as the format comes already prepared. Our fact sheet template is available in different styles, to suit the needs of the users. These samples Sheet Templates can be customized according to convenience. The users can also use the templates as an example.