Reading A-Z Benchmark Passage Running Record Purpose: • The purpose of this lesson is to assess the student’s reading behavior and developmental progress. Using this diagnostic tool will provide insight on student strategies used for word meanings and full text comprehension. Conducting a Running Running Records on Raz-Plus With our online running record tool, Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids members can: Assign a Benchmark Book from Levels aa-J; Assign a Benchmark Passage from Levels aa-Z2; Listen to students' recordings from reading aloud a book or passage; Score all student recordings using an online running-record tool Assess with Printable Running Records. Raz-Plus provides printable and digital Benchmark Passages and Benchmark Books for assessing students and informing instruction. Sit one-on-one with each student to observe qualitative reading behavior. Score a printed running record as a student reads aloud for quantitative measures.

Instructions for using our free editable Running Record Template: Simply type or paste your chosen text into the box and click the button to instantly download your own custom Running Record Sheet PDF file. You can then print this out and use it for your Running Records assessments in your classroom.