Dec 06, 2019 · A specification sheet, commonly abbreviated to “spec sheet,” is a technical document that sets out the details of how, exactly, a certain product is intended to perform or function. These sorts of sheets are very common in the information industry, particularly as relates to computer and software design, though they are used in any ... When a spec sheet is created for new material, we research background information about the composition of the material, as well as testing methods and standards. QA uses this information, along with the results that QC has documented, to create the data that results in the spec sheet.

these food items do not require a msds (material safety data sheet) and are made in compliance with the united states of AMERICA FEDERAL FOOD, DRUG AND COSMETIC ACT. GMO STATUS: BASED ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US BY OUR VENDORS, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THIS ITEM IS GENETICALLY Check out our beer of the month and find other fantastic choices as well as your go-to favorites available at Spec's Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods.