STAFF/NON-EXEMPT ADMINISTRATION TIMESHEET INSTRUCTIONS Page 1 of 6 Revised (12/1/2019) 1. Save a copy of the workbook on your computer for your use. 2. The Staff/Non-Exempt Administration Timesheet is an Excel-based file in a workbook format. A To login to Excelsoft Timesheet (ESTS) application, employee should use same login name and password which is used to login to . To access the application, it is mandatory for an employee to have a valid email-ID in the HRIS system. Employee should be mapped to a project/cost center before reporting time on it.

Managers can then use the Excel timesheet to calculate total time for payroll. Download a free time tracking spreadsheet to calculate monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly work hours in Microsoft Excel. Employees can track job or shift codes, break times, and remaining hours such as overtime, sick time, and vacation. These Excel timesheet formulas will help you create a timesheet in Microsoft Excel. Before deciding to set out on the grueling task of creating and formatting your own Excel timesheet, consider using a template so you have more time to learn about how to write a contract for business. The above advantages cannot be understated.