The renin-angiotensin system is a complex biologic system between the heart, brain, blood vessels, and kidneys that leads to the production of biologically active agents, including angiotensin I and II and aldosterone, which act together to impact a variety of bodily functions including blood vessel tone, sodium balance, and glomerular filtration pressure. C1-inhibitor (C1-inh, C1 esterase inhibitor) is a protease inhibitor belonging to the serpin superfamily. Its main function is the inhibition of the complement system to prevent spontaneous activation.

ACE inhibitor fetopathy: a case series and survey of opinion amongst New Zealand paediatricians, obstetricians, neonatologists, and nephrologists 7th September 2012, Volume 125 Number 1361 ZAPRIL 5 mg tablets are reddish b-shaped, biconvex, film coated tablets, with “CI” rown, oval scoreline “5” on one side and “G” on the other side. Each tablet contains 5 mg cilazapril. The tablet can be divided into equal doses.