Network Analyzers Advantest R3765CG / R3767CG Accurate, realtime characterization of balanced and multiport components There is increasing use of balanced components in modern electronic products such as mobile phones. They consume less power than unbalanced components, yielding the advantage of longer operation and standby. But balanced components The Advantest R3273 is high-performance multifunction spectrum analyzers with all the basic functions necessary to meet the demand for wider frequency range and a higher C/N ratio for next-generation digital mobile communications.

These spectrum analyzers offer high performance for 2-signal 3rd order inter-modulation distortion, the R3267 delivering 90dBc or more in the 1.6 to 8GHz band. This makes them ideal for evaluat-ing inter-modulation in transmission amplifiers and so on. < Dynamic Range of W-CDMA Measurement (5MHz offset) > Description. The R3273 features a frequency span accuracy within ± 1% and a dynamic range of -154 dBc/Hz (typ.) in the 2 GHz band to allow accurate, repeatable measurements for high-quality digital signals. Further, its 10 Hz to 10 MHz resolution band with filter and ability to perform a 70 dB... Millimeter Wave Single Diode Unbalanced Harmonic Mixers OML is pleased to quote this full waveguide bandwidth harmonic mixer product line covering 18 to 325 GHz. These mixers are typically equivalent in performance to Tek WM780/490 series mixers. External diplexers are not needed for use with: Advantest R3271A, 3272, 3273, Anritsu MS2668C,