Foobar created cue sheets and embedded cues for my 24bit files perfectly. They work fine on my computer. However... I can't get them to work on my iBasso DX50. I have my microsd loaded with single-image embedded cue files that I made with cuetools, and they work perfectly. But the new 24bit ones I made don't work. They just play as a single flac. Per-track metadata tagging/reading for a FLAC image+embedded cue sheet works fine in foobar2000. Metadata can easily be applied only to a specific index ("track") in a cue sheet (this is of course useful for stuff like "featuring: (artist)" Do you really think folks would use it if this wasn't possible..?

Make sure "Enable embedded cue sheet on this file" is ticked, then Load the existing cue sheet in. It should import into the window but if you then [OK] to close the Cue Sheet Editor window the selection will not seem to hold until you close the flac file and reopen it.That is indeed the correct block for FLAC files with any track information (naming) in them. I have around 200 such FLACs, and they are all processed correctly in my main player (Vox on OSX), but not on Deadbeef. Deadbeef processes this correctly for Ogg Vorbis files with embedded cue-sheets, but not for FLAC.