Popcorn ceilings are one of the first things that people hate about older homes. They seem to suck light out of a room and make it feel smaller. If you have dated looking popcorn ceilings in your home, you do not have to remove the popcorn . It will assist change whole wall sections after hrs of pounding into layers of sheetrock and joint tape.

If the stuff really is in your ceiling... you could place sheets of styrofoam 4x8foot sheets over it... then cover that with sheets of 1/4 inch sheet-rock (plasterboard). You would solve 2 problems at once! adding extra insulation to your ceilings and easing your mind about the asbestos. Popcorn ceiling surfaces that do not crumble at your touch should be strong enough to cover. Calculate the Number of 20 x 20 Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles You Will Need Before you shop online for ceiling tiles, calculate the number of tiles you will need to buy for your home. Regular ceilings are likely to be under attics with either batt insulation between the joist bays or, in some cases, rigid insulation between the rafters. Rigid boards are manufactured from either polyisocyanurate foam, creating what tradesmen call iso or blue board, or extruded polystyrene, or XPS, which is better for moist conditions.