Although there are many more recent op-amps with superior performance, as others have indicated, the 'old' LM358 has many aspects which still make it a good choice (I still use it a lot).LM741CN, LM741CN Datasheet, LM741CN National Semiconductor Operational Amplifier Datasheet, buy LM741CN Op-Amp

Product Index > Integrated Circuits (ICs) > Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps > Analog Devices Inc. OP27EP Obsolete item. OP27EP General Purpose Amplifier 1 Circuit 8-PDIPBuy OP27EPE4 TI , View the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the OP27EPE4 at Jotrin Electronics.According to the datasheet LM741 IC is a general purpose single operational amplifier. The UA741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. You can find some interesting circuits here.