Experimental soil sample is taken in a water-proof pot and a suitable plant is grown in it till it attains maturity. The soil of the pot is watered properly. The soil surface is covered with a polythene sheet to check evaporation from its surface. The only loss of water from the soil now occurs due to absorption and transpiration by the plant. (The water from the dishes will be lost due to absorption by bricks and subsequent evaporation). (iv) Add fresh quantity of distilled water when the bricks appear having dried. (v) At the end of the second drying, each brick is observed for efflorescence; that is an appearance of any white patch of salt on the surface of the brick.

One sub-set of soil amendments, soil conditioners, like composted horse manure, improve soil structure by binding soil particles into larger aggregates. This increases the amount of pore space and enhances air exchange, water movement, and root growth. From the many “homegrown” and retail products available,