‘The normal adult bladder holds approximately 400 ml of urine and when more than this amount has entered the bladder the pressure starts to rise and the desire to void urine is felt.’ ‘All patients who had an indwelling Foley catheter were successfully voiding within 12 days after the procedure.’ Jan 30, 2008 · First-void urine (FVU) is the preferred specimen for the diagnosis of urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis infection in men. We have developed FirstBurst, a urine collection device that collects the first 4 to 5 ml of FVU and yields a specimen with a sixfold higher C. trachomatis organism load than the regular urine cup by quantitative PCR (32,533 versus 5,271 plasmids/ml; P < 0.0001).

prompted voiding. 1. a technique of bladder training in which the patient is instructed to urinate according to a predetermined schedule, usually beginning at intervals as often as one hour to an hour and a half.