Rent Datapath Fx4-HDMI Display Wall Controllers online from Rentex Audio Visual and Computer Rentals, businesses no.1 destination for Wall Controller rentals. The 57mm Hybrid Stepper Motor Series offers powerful holding torque in a variety of sizes. Use with a microstepping driver to reduce vibration and achieve higher step resolution. 18 L/N 90 9 67 IImaxmax 40 kA L/N C 14 11 12 MI t° Ft DS41-120 Slim 18 mm Form Factor Fault Indicator Window Remote Signal Contacts Imax : 40 kA at 8/20 ˜s In : 20 kA at 8/20 ˜s

All the part names for which the file 231825_DS.pdf is a datasheet For Generation 3 datasheet click here • DC control • EMC Compliant to Level 3 • Epoxy Free Design PRODUCT SELECTION Load Voltage 7 A 10 A 12 A 20 A 40 A 100 VDC D1D07 D1D12 D1D20 D1D40 200 VDC D2D07 D2D12 D2D40 400 VDC D4D07 D4D12 500 VDC D5D07 D5D10 AVAILABLE OPTIONS Not all part number combinations are available.