May 08, 2019 · The snake’s irises are yellow in color, and they have four brown stripes going down their backs, too. This snake is a hybrid that’s also part black rat snake. While the yellow rat snake loves the state of Florida, it can also be found in North and South Carolina along the coast as well as Georgia. This snake will live anywhere, including:

A recent phylogenetic study (Groombridge et al., 2004) indicates that the echo parakeet (Psittacula eques; also known as P. echo) from Mauritius is more closely related to the Asiatic P. krameri subspecies than to the African subspecies, and the echo parakeet probably needs to be placed between the African and Asian subspecies. Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital: Dogs and Cats and all Exotic Pets: A full service Veterinary hospital. Servicing all Dogs, Cats, and Of course exotic pets. Offering a wide range of services we offer quality and compassionate care for your loved ones. material (ligament) that allows the snake to open its mouth very wide and move each jaw indepen-dently. Thus, snakes can swallow prey much larger than their head by “walking” their mouth around the food from side to side in a forward movement. Jon Boren, Extension Wildlife Specialist Brian Hurd, Extension Research Specialist New Mexico Snakes