All models sync with Wheelock SM, DSM or PS-12/24-8CP or PS-12/24-8MP. # Models are available in either Red or White. Call Customer Service for Order Code & Delivery. **For Weatherproof Series RSS Strobe specifications see data sheet S9004. ***Refer to data sheet S7000 for mounting options. Model Order Code Wall Mount Ceiling Mount Non-Sync ... COOPER WHEELOCK EXCEDER STR Strobe Red 127380 *Lot of 5* - $69.95. Service You acknowledge your understanding that the items CNC Salvage, LLC displays and sells at this site are surplus and/or previously used or new old stock..

Cooper-Wheelock Mini Horn Strobe- Series MIZ-24S Wheelock Fire Horn Strobes Audible Mini Horn - for Smaller Spaces. Cooper-Wheelock Series MIZ piezoelectric Mini Horns are compact electronic fire alarms that are listed under UL Standard 464 for Audible Appliances in Public Mode Fire Protection Systems. Like the entire SpectrAlert Advance line, outdoor horns, strobes, and horn strobes for wall applications include a variety of features . that increase application flexibility and simplify installation. First, field-selectable settings, including candela, automatic selection of 12- or 24-volt operation, horn tones, and three volume options enable Data Sheet 85001-0341 Issue 6 Not to be used for installation purposes. Page 1 of 6 GE Security EST Fire & Life Safety Strobes, Horns, Bells & Chimes Standard Features UL 1971-listed synchronizing strobe Integrity strobes synchronize to the latest UL 1971 requirements when used with a synchronization source. Adjustable Audible Output