Last activity . My flashcards . Saved flashcards So at this point we have a circuit board which follows the data sheet application-circuit fairly closely. The next thing to consider is the output filter. Its job is to average out the PWM current pulses from the TDA7498 output transistors, smoothing them into a signal which is flat, and low distortion, across the audio spectrum. Wzmacniacz operacyjny LM741 available in the category: Operational amplifiers. Can be purchased in the shop Botland. Wide range of models. Fast delivery.

DC Behaviour . Open-loop gain is defined as the amplification from input to output without any feedback applied. For most practical calculations, the open-loop gain is assumed to be infinite; in reality, however, it is limited by the amount of voltage applied to power the operational amplifier, i.e. Vs+ and Vs- in the above diagram.