OLIMEX© 2012 PIC-IO User's Manual INTRODUCTION: PIC-IO board was designed as simple platform which to allow control of appliances and devices with PIC, the idea was to build something like tiny PLC controller which is possible

(1) Project: Man O' War DX powered by OneSpot 12V supply (actual reading: 11.73V) (2) Issue: Unable to successfully calibrate.I'm stuck on biasing the first MN3005. I get a signal at pin 7 of IC3, however the signal at pins 3 and 4 of IC3 have a high-pitched whine mixed in and rather than getting a delay, the signal repeats and ramps up to a high-pitched oscillation. Product data sheet Rev. 7 — 25 February 2013 6 of 43 NXP Semiconductors SA56004X Digital temperature sensor with overtemperature alarms 7. Functional description Refer to Figure 1 “Block diagram”. 7.1 Serial bus interface The SA56004X should be connected to a compatible two-wire serial interface System