Aug 23, 2018 · While data storage is the fundamental utility of a cell, we have built-in tools to present this data well. In this blog post, we will discuss the ways we can format cells in Google Sheets. Format cells in Google Sheets. Formatting is the process of making the looks and feels of the spreadsheet better. I'm using Google Sheets for a daily dashboard. What I need is to change the background color of cell B5 based on the value of another cell - C5. If C5 is greater than 80% then the background color is green but if it's below, it will be amber/red. Is this available with a Google Sheets function or do I need to insert a script?

The conditional formatting is available under the menu Format in Google Doc Sheets. Steps to Conditional Format Duplicates: 1. Select the range A2: A in Sheet1. 2. Open the conditional format rule from the menu Format > Conditional Format. Apply the above first formula there as below. There are two different methods that our members can achieve the desired "activity level" and I'm trying to find a way to set conditional formatting to their name field based on a comparison of the values. I'm certain this won't be simple and may even require a script, but I'm not keen on how that will work in Google Docs. Formatting text and numbers. The ability to apply specific formatting for text and numbers is one of the most powerful tools in Google Sheets. Instead of displaying all cell content in exactly the same way, you can use formatting to change the appearance of dates, times, decimals, percentages (%), currency ($), and much more.