Allowing a parakeet to get out of their cage and fly at least once a day is a crucial way for a parakeet to get the adequate exercise it is so heavily dependent on for a good life. We recommend doing proper research as to what cage you provide for the parakeet to ensure that your parakeet is living in a safe environment. Indian Ringneck Parakeet General Info. Ever since ancient Greeks began admiring their beauty and intelligence, the Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been a popular and loved pet all around the globe. With their charming looks, talking abilities and fun, intelligent persona, these parrots can make a wonderful family pet.

The word "Parakeet" is a descriptive term that refers to the long tails of these types of birds. There are many different kinds of Parakeets available in the pet trade. They include such diverse species as: Indian Ringneck, Budgerigars and Quakers. They are small birds with different color variations and two different sizes. Mallee Ringneck Parrot is a member of the genus BARNARDIUS along with the Cloncurry Parrot, Port Lincoln and the Twenty eight Parrot. These birds all have a green body and a yellow ring or collar around their necks and are referred to as Australian Ringnecks.The Indian Ringneck Parakeet is a sub-species of the Rose-Ringed Parakeet and the many sub-species are scattered throughout Africa and Asia. The Indian Ringneck is an Asiatic parrot and originally from Ceylon though it's now found in many parts of Asia, notably India and Pakistan.