Method 1: Hide/Unhide Excel Worksheet with GUI. Right-click on the worksheet you want to hide, select Hide from the pop-up menu. Your worksheet will no longer be visible, however, the data contained in a hidden worksheet can still be referenced on other worksheets. To unhide a worksheet, just right-click on any visible worksheet and select Unhide. Nov 13, 2019 · As with hiding worksheets, Excel has no keyboard shortcut for unhiding a sheet, but you can still use the ribbon. Select one or more worksheet tabs at the bottom of the Excel file. Click the  Home   tab on the ribbon.

To hide unused rows in Excel 2003, select the row beneath the sheet's last used row. (Select the row header to select the entire row.) Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow to select every row... Jul 14, 2012 · Excel 2010 has many formatting options that allow you to customize the way that data is displayed in your spreadsheet. If you are working with a large spreadsheet, for example, you may want to hide individual columns and rows so that you are only viewing the data that is relevant to your current task.