For additional CSS files, repeat steps 2 through 6. Add a reference from your app to a style sheet. To use an external style sheet located at a URL in the Google cloud: Obtain the resource URL of the CSS file. Click Settings settings chevron_right General settings. In CSS URLs, paste the resource URL and click Add CSS.

The W3C (World-Wide Web Consortium @ responded to the need of separating document's contents and presentation by introducing a Style Sheet Language called CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for presentation, and removing the presentation tags and attributes from HTML. In an increasingly competitive market you almost have to have an effective website design and strong web presence to stay ahead of the pack. Choosing a website designer for website designing and digital marketing solution for your business is one of the most important and complicated decisions a business owner will make. Cascading style sheets 2.0 : programmer's reference. [Eric A Meyer] -- An authoritative quick reference work for CSS programmers. This resource gives you programming essentials at your fingertips, including all the new tags and features in CSS 2.0.