A 10.5" x 8.0" x 0.004" Ultraperm 80 shielding sheet, commonly used to reduce EMI (interference) in all sorts of DIY projects. Also known as MuMetal, this material is very popular for RF and audio shielding applications. This alloy is specifically designed to reduce the effects of magnetic fields and static interference. Jan 25, 2019 · Typical materials used for electromagnetic shielding include sheet metal, metal screen, and metal foams. other shielding methods (especially used in electronic goods put in plastic enclosures) involve metallic inks that consist of a carrier material loaded with a suitable metal, typically copper or nickel, in the form of very small particulates. We produce Faraday cages, shielded chambers, shielded test boxes and all other components required for making a shielded room, shielded box (Faraday cage) like: - Power & signal filters - Waveguides for data communication - Shielded doors, windows and vetilation panels In addition, we produce TEMPEST equipment for crypto communication and even welded EMP bunkers.

regarding 3M EMI Shielding Tapes, please contact Customer Service by phone at 800-676-8381 or by FAX at 800-828-9329. (From the Maquiladoras, call 512 -984-2666.) 3 EMI Shielding Tapes 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 0 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Frequency (MHz) Attenuation (dB) 1345 1245 1183 1181 1267 1170 1182 1194 1345 1245 1183 1181 ... EMI/RFI Shielding Products “MAJR Difference MAJR Satisfaction” SHIELDING • GASKETING • VENTILATION PANELS • BOARD LEVEL SHIELDS FERRITES • CONDUCTIVE ELASTOMERS • THERMAL MATERIALS • EMI WINDOWS U.S. SBA – Certified Veteran Owned Small Business ITAR Registered RoHS Compliant C u s t o m B u i l t P r o d u c t s & P r o t o t ... Music Direct reserves the right to select the carrier and ship method within the terms of this offer. Music Direct reserves the right to change the terms of this promotion or discontinue this offer at any time. This offer is not included on any shipments to FPO/APO addresses. Music Direct will contact you with shipping charges for these addresses.