Manufactured Home, Modular Home, and Mobile Home Floor Plans Jacobsen Homes uses the most advanced components and technology on the market, bringing this family owned and operated business to the forefront of innovative home builders in Florida for manufactured and modular housing. Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair FAQs Mobile Homes, Double wides, Trailers . POST a QUESTION or COMMENT about how to troubleshoot & fix problems in manufactured home or mobile home electrical systems: service entry wiring, electric meter, main panel, wiring, outlets, lights, switches. May 26, 2016 · because my furnace's two "T" wire connections are the same as here, but the connections are a little confusing. Is there such a thing as a "typical" wiring diagram for adding a new relay, so I can study it up close?

The main reason why mobile homes require special furnaces is due to the ductwork; mobile homes tend to have smaller duct and vent systems than traditional homes. A furnace for a mobile home is connected differently to your HVAC system and is only required to heat the mobile home space. The gardeners pulled the wiring to the thremostat from the A/C unit at my grandfathers home, and I am trying to find a wiring scematic for the thermostat wiring. It's an old Nordyne stand alone A/C unit, with a basic 4-wire thermostat. The system is designed for a two wire heat only t-stat. You could put the t-stat you have back like it was & leave it switched to heat & that should control the cooling by moving the temp up & down. Assuming the furnace switch is set on cool, a call for heat at the t-stat should shut off the AC & no call for heat should turn the AC on.