INSTALL_BASE works more like what other build systems call "prefix" than PREFIX and we recommend you use that instead. Another way to specify many INSTALL directories with a single parameter is LIB. perl Makefile . CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX¶ Install directory used by install(). If make install is invoked or INSTALL is built, this directory is prepended onto all install directories. This variable defaults to /usr/local on UNIX and c:/Program Files/${PROJECT_NAME} on Windows. See CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX_INITIALIZED_TO_DEFAULT for how a project might choose its own default.

Installation prefix. If your Makefile has an install target, it needs some way of knowing where to install. By default, many packages install to /usr or /usr/local. Since many Spack users won’t have sudo privileges, it is imperative that each package is installed to the proper prefix. Look for variables like PREFIX or INSTALL. Jan 19, 2015 · Additional prefixes can be added before the install directory to further nuance automake’s behaviour. Since we’ve defined a PROGRAM, we need to tell automake where to find its source files. In this case, the prefix is the name of the program these source files build, rather than the place where they will be installed: