In car part production, hemming is used in assembly as a secondary operation after deep drawing, trimming and flanging operations to join two sheet metal parts (outer and inner) together. Typical parts for this type of assembly are hoods, doors, trunk lids and fenders. Oct 17, 2012 · I assume that one can not combine sheet metal and plain SW model and expect the sheet metal to maintain the sheet metal properties. Is this correct? Basic problem: Want to fold/unfold and NOT cut entirely thru material and NOT using the edge flange tool but the sheet metal sketched bend tool.

Sheet metal working was already done in earlier times when the task of processing metal began. Evidence of this arose from tools that were found. The characteristic example is the anvil with a horn, which was used to process sheet metal and wires. Hammers are typically used to manually process sheet metal works. CAD software like SOLIDWORKS makes sheet metal design quick and cost effective. This course gets you up to speed with the sheet metal tools in SOLIDWORKS (versions 2013 through 2017) for designing parts and assemblies, and then takes you on a trip to the factory floor to see the final manufactured results.