Description: . Issues that are common to all walkways, such as slip resistance, are addressed in existing referenced standards. 1.2 This practice does not address glass walkways constructed with monolithic glass, glass block, insulating glass units, glass tiles These materials are considered “unplasticized” (rigid) because they are less flexible than the plasticized formulations. Type I, II, and CPVC are normally available in rod, sheet, slab, pipe, tubular bar, fittings and valves. “Plasticized” PVC is available in sheet, film, fittings, flexible tubing, and pipe.

Edge Lighting Glass or Acrylic Using LED Strips Description Part Number LED Strip Light 4-Wire Red-Green-Blue by the 5-meter reel RGBrf-reel LED Strip Light Double Density 4-Wire Red-Green-Blue by the 5-meter reel RGBDDrf-reel-10 LED 4-Wire Red-Green-Blue 22.5 Inch Rigid LED Strip RGB strip Tuf-Glas™ is the premier clear rigid sheet for all types of sign applications. It combines exceptional impact strength, clarity and stiffness with outstanding formability and ease of fabrication. Choose Tuf-Glas when your project needs the best, long-term esthetics.