Encourage self-monitoring of behavior with a packet of templates that encourage kids to monitor their own behavior. The red light on a traffic signal is for not following class rules, yellow says one has to try harder, and green means... In a more recent investigation, Amato-Zech et al. (2006) examined the effects of self-monitoring of on-task behavior using the MotivAider®. Amato-Zech et al. taught three fifth graders with learning disabilities or behavior disorders to self-monitor their on-task behavior during language arts instruction.

Sep 10, 2010 · Self-monitoring is possibly the single most important mechanism in changing any thought or behavior. It is an extremely broad term which encompasses tracking nearly any pattern from which to move ... To begin the self-monitoring process, select a behavior for a student to self-monitor. One good way to do this is to remember the acronym SOAP. S pecific means that the teacher can tell the student exactly what behavior(s) he or she will self-monitor. Students must be able to determine easily and accurately whether a behavior has occurred. Self-Monitoring Logs for Alcohol Use MONITORING YOUR ALCOHOL USE SELF-MONITORING is an important part of this program. It can help you uRecord your drinking more accurately because you are writing down what you drink more frequently. uEvaluate your progress toward your goals. Even when you don’t drink, you record a “0” for that day.