SHEET 1 0F 2 City Council Meeting, January 7, 2020 Agenda Item No. 1 - Attachment No. 4 Replacement. 4169 -026 -014. 4169 -026 -015. 4169 -026 -016. 4169 -026 -012. Fact Sheets Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain: Recommendations Summarizes the 12 Guideline recommendations and provides specific clinical . reminders to make them easier to review, understand, and implement. Assessing Benefits and Harms Provides guidance for assessing benefits and harms of opioid therapy and tips on Only Nitro gives you powerful PDF productivity and unlimited electronic signatures in one integrated, easy to use solution - at just a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat or DocuSign.

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