Rambo is known for their tough and well fitting horse blankets and sheets. Turnout your horse in a Rambo turnout blanket and keep them warm and dry. To learn more about Rambo, click on the video icon to the right. GORE-TEX product technologies have been the gold standard for waterproof, but our new products range offer other benefits for your adventures.

green and black combat glove model CGKP06 size small ... , Rainsuit, Gore-Tex, etc) ACU Headgear (Patrol Cap, Boonie Cap, ACH Cover, Balaclava, etc) ACU Gloves and ... There’s a number of different reasons you may need waterproof fabric. You may need it for making clothing, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, shoes or a variety of other items but whatever you need your water-resistant fabric for, you’ll find a great selection here at UK Fabrics Online.