Basically the cue file points to the bin file. The bin file contains all the data that is on the original disc. This might help explain what .bin/.cue files are. Only edit the line that says FILE So were ever you put your bin/cue you just need to put that directory and path in the FILE statement of the cue sheet.oh another thing the cue sheet already tells the CD-writer what mode to use to burn the disc. no need to have to set any options for what type of mode your burning in.

CueSharp is an open source cue sheet parser library written in C#. The cue sheet, simply put, is a text file that stores metadata for extracted audio CDs and data CDs. Cue sheets are typically generated using Exact Audio Copy (EAC) in order to rip your audio CDs perfectly. Jul 03, 2007 · The user's guide from that page contains the CUE sheet specifications (CDRWIN was where the CUE/BIN format originated), and it clearly states that the FILE command is the file that the CUE sheet references, meaning that the application parsing/using the CUE sheet should be checking that file.