MBR10200CT / MBRF10200CT Document number: DS36512 Rev. 6 - 2 Product Summary MBR10200CT / MBRF10200CT (Per Leg) Description and Applications This Schottky Barrier Rectifier is designed to FJAF6812 NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor Absolute Maximum Ratings TC=25°C unless otherwise noted * Pulse Test: PW=300µs, duty Cycle=2% Pulsed Electrical Characteristics TC=25°C unless otherwise noted * Pulse Test: PW=20µs, duty Cycle=1% Pulsed Thermal Characteristics TC=25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Rating Units

1. Special incidents index: 2. Aerial Virtual Replay is provided by an external vendor Trakus, for personal infotainment only. Due to the frequent usage of mobile phones at the racecourses, the signals receiving by Trakus system may be affected and thus the accuracy of Aerial Virtual Replay cannot be guaranteed. Be the first to know about our newest products, specials and promotions: SBR20100CTP – Diode Array 1 Pair Common Cathode Super Barrier 100V 10A Through Hole TO-220-3 Isolated Tab from Diodes Incorporated. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics.