The yarn can also be put on forms, and the heated dyes can then be forced under pressure from inside the forms to color the yarn. Another method passes the yarn through printing rollers, while yet another involves knitting the yarn onto a form that is then printed with dyes before the yarn is unraveled. Synthetic Staple Fiber Spinning Introduction With the commercialization of polyester staple fiber in the early 1950s, the use of synthetic staple fibers took a great leap forward. Polyester fibers were available to be used in combination with cotton to make poly/cotton spun yarns or carded into webs for needle

This method of spinning is suitable in manufacturing the polyester yarns. Melt Spinning Process Melt spun fibers can be extruded from the spinneret in different cross-sectional shapes (round, trilobal, pentagonal, octagonal, and others).