The FG-1625 Glassbreak Detector uses the latest technology to provide faster response and increased false alarm immunity. The FG-1625 is specifically designed to www ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS UC1524 UC2524 UC3524 SLUS180E– NOVEMBER 1999– REVISED OCTOBER 2005 these specifications apply for TA = –55 °C to 125°C for the UC1524, –25 °C to 85°C for the UC2524, and 0°C to 70°C for the

These power saving features make the G913 ideal for use in the battery-powered applications such as notebook computers, cellular phones, and PDA's. The G913 has two modes of operation. When the SET pin is connected to ground, its output is a pre-set value: 2.84V for G913A, 3.15V for G913B, and 3.30V for G913C, and 3.00V for G913D.