NS9360 Hardware Reference Manual 90000675. 8 1.4 iDigi Support Information For iDigi Technical Support contact us at: NS9750 Hardware Reference Manual 90000624 Intrusion Alarm Systems | DS9360 Motion detector 360° ceiling 60ft (18m) DS9360 Motion detector 360° ceiling 60ft (18m) www.boschsecurity.com Changeable mirrors (two mirrors provided) The Digi NS9360 is a single chip 0.13µm CMOS network-attached processor. The CPU is the ARM926EJ-S core with MMU, DSP extensions, Jazelle Java accelerator, and 8 kB of instruction cache and 4kB of data cache in a Harvard architecture. The NS9360 runs up to 177MHz, with an 88MHz system and memory bus and 44MHz peripheral bus.

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