PHP DataSheets Excel like Data Grid Editor. Add Unlimited Sheets. ... PHP 5.3+ PHP Data Objects (PDO) Extension ... data editor, datagrid, excel, excel sheets Line# 6: Get the row number of last row under column B with data from the source worksheet and store the value into a variable named lastRow Line# 7: Make a for-loop for to loop through all the target rows (from row 4 to the last row) to be copied and transferred to another worksheetHi All, I couldn't find another question like this in the forums, but hopefully this is fast and easy to do. Would anyone know: How to write a macro that will auto-replace the text string: %newline% with a new line within a cell (preferably on-the-fly) (similar to hitting ALT-Enter within a cell).

Microsoft Excel - referencing last row in a worksheet from another worksheet using OFFSET Posted on October 12, 2014 by jdonbavand What if you want a worksheet that references the last row in another worksheet which will update itself automatically as the number of rows in the worksheet changes?