Modified Mini Screen (MMS) Scoring and Instructions Indicate if the client chose not to complete the MMS by marking “X” in the box below. Incomplete screenings should not be scored. For the paper Mental Health Screening Questionnaire (LDSS 5009/5009 SP): Total all “Yes” responses.

Modified Mini Screen (MMS) Page 2 of 2 6 Document is in the public domain. Duplicating this material for personal or group use is permissible. CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS PROGRAM: SCREENING AND ASSESSMENT 12. In the past month, have you been bothered by thoughts, impulses, or images that you couldn’t Score Patient’s Score Questions 5 “What is the year? Season? Date? Day of the week? Month?” 5 “Where are we now: State? County? Town/city? Hospital? Floor?” 3 The examiner names three unrelated objects clearly and slowly, then asks the patient to name all three of them. The patient’s response is used for scoring.