Apr 19, 2015 · A haunted house in New York. The Cater House Estates in Buffalo, New York was home to the local sheriff Donald Caters when he shot himself. The home went into foreclosure in 1968. The house remained vacant and haunted ever since with locals alleging they hear voices coming from the house regularly. You may like Get details about Haunted House of Wax in our town and explore attractions, places to stay, dining, events, music and more with the official Niagara Falls USA Tourism & Convention Corporation.

Buffalo’s monumental Olmsted-Richardson district features ancient mystery, architectural landmarks, War of 1812 trauma, and one of the most legendary haunted sites in the region! NOTE: This tour does not include Hotel Henry, the Richardson-Olmsted Complex or the grounds of the Richardson-Olmsted Campus. We have no affiliation with Hotel Henry or the Richardson-Olmsted Corporation.