Removal of the Frog's Brain: Turn the frog dorsal side up. Cut away the skin and flesh on the head from the nose to the base of the skull. With a scalpel, scrape the top of the skull until the bone is thin and flexible. Be sure to scrape AWAY from you, carefully chip away the roof of the skull to expose the brain. Below you will find links to modules designed to help you learn all about the structures of the brain visible from a midsagittal section. In the Human Brain Anatomy Study Module, the parts of the brain are taken apart and put back together to help teach you about the structure and function of the different parts. There is also a quiz to go ... the brain stem and results in the right half of the brain controlling the left side of the body and the left half of the brain controlling the right side of the body. The Medulla Oblongata contains vital clusters of nerves involved in respiration, heartbeat and blood pressure. (#8-3 in the diagram) Materials: Class set of Student Activity Sheets

View Notes - Braincoloringsheet.pdf from BIOL 1450 at University of Nebraska Omaha. Brain COLORING Sheet! CEREBELLUM BRAINSTEM Frontal Lobe: Complex thinking, like reasoning, planning, and A Piece of Your Mind: Brain Anatomy Neuron Credit FCTI ... study the Horizontal structure and function of the brain (and other parts of the body, too) Sagittal