Mobile e-commerce will dominate 45% of the American e-commerce market by 2020. If you’d rather let the dollars do the talking, that’s $284 billion in revenue. Mobile shopping is not to be ignored. With the economic pendulum swinging in mobile devices’ favor, what are you doing in 2017 to refine the art of mobile selling? Mobile commerce (m-commerce) refers to the delivery of e-commerce capabilities directly to mobile service users by wireless technology. We use cookies to deliver the best possible experience on our website.

of mobile commerce (mCommerce) in Australia. This edition explores three emerging trends in mobile retail – the shift from convenience to entertainment; the impact and benefits of augmented reality; and how voice assistants are enhancing the mobile commerce experience. mCommerce may have begun as a convenient way to shop Mobile shopping is a must – m-commerce stores is not only a plus to businesses, it’s a must. Undermining the importance of m-commerce growth will mean losing clients; to keep them coming back, it will be necessary to offer a seamless shopping experience via websites and apps that are optimized.