For this pastry recipe, add our Season-All blend made from smoky paprika, pepper and celery seeds into the pastry mixture to make sure that this pasty is delicious on both the inside and out. Use either this blend or the Spicy Season-All, plus a good measure of sweet dill and paprika to pep up the egg, cheese and onion mixture.

Not just in Coney Island, but in Brighton Beach, which is the residential and beach area next to Coney Island, and all the way out to the boardwalk of Long Beach, which is in Nassau County on Long Island. How a hot item like a knish was deemed appropriate food for stifling New York City summer days is one of the mysteries of the universe. This is the most delicious seasoning OF ALL TIME. my mom used to have teeny bottles of this when I was younger and it's great on everything from meat to vegetables to souls. It has a sturdy garlic pepper blend but the addition of bell pepper and parsley rounds out the flavour. A smidge of brown sugar helps balance and promote carameliztion.