You are now associated with the oldest chemical distributor in the United States… That’s right Hubbard-Hall has been around since 1849. See below for all the chemistry you could ever dream of. TRIETANOLAMINA FICHA DE DATOS DE SEGURIDAD julio de 2017 VERSIÓN: 5 GTM PÁGINA 4 DE 8 SECCIÓN 8 – CONTROLES DE EXPOSICIÓN Y PROTECCIÓN PERSONAL 8.1 Parámetros de control This Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) was requested moments ago from Hercules Automated Fax Information System. Please forward it immediately to the person in charge of MSDS's, or retain it at the machine until claimed. OSHA-Required Health And Safety Information! Meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200

brochure and request Material Safety Data (MSD) sheets from Dow. This guide provides information about DOWTHERM ethylene glycol-based fluids only. For additional information about DOWFROST propylene glycol-based fluids, call 1-800-447-4369 and request Form No. 180-01286, “Engineering and Operating Guide for DOWFROST and DOWFROST HD Inhibited