Aug 04, 2017 · Why we should be making a meal out of mealworms Home-grown once meant you nurtured your own carrots or potatoes, but now Julia Platt Leonard finds a whole new – and sustainable – meaning to it ... Mealworms are not worms as you may first expect, they are actually the larvae (immature stage) of the Darkling Beetle (Tenebrio molitor). The darkling beetle has 4 main stages in their life cycle which takes around 3-5 months to complete depending on temperature, humidity and food availability.

Feed your bearded dragon two to three times a day. A young hatchling will mostly eat small insects. But once your bearded dragon is a bit more mature, he’ll enjoy vegetables, too. Make sure to clean his water and food bowl regularly. Insects: crickets, mealworms and wax worms, dust with calcium supplement twice weekly You will need to remove all of the mealworms, beetles, and pupae, discard the food and waste, and clean the container. Once clean, replace the food substrate and return the insects to the container. It is helpful to have a second container to aid in raising mealworms and keeping them odor free. Mealworms are prolific breeders and will complete the cycle from egg to egg-laying adult within a few months depending on the food available and the temperature they are kept in. Gestation of the eggs is one week, then they may spend quite a while in the larva form before pupating.