Basic Care Sheet Tarantulas By Marc Ellis Introduction The name Tarantula originates from the Middle Ages in Taranto, Italy, with a large burrowing wolf spider Lycosa tarantula that was thought to be very venomous. The popular dance Pterinopelma sazimai Bertani, Nagahama, Fukushima, 2011, also knwon as “Brazilian blue tarantula” or “Iridescent blue tarantuala”, is a wonderful bird spider due to its coloration and behavior from Brazil.

The B. albopilosum tarantula covered with dark brown to black hair with a golden-bronze sheen and longer gold hairs that cover the whole body. You will notice on the hair on abdomen and legs are curly. Special Note: B. albopilosumis a very unique looking Tarantula because of the interesting curly hair look. Jun 24, 2017 · Dolichothele diamantinensis "Brazilian Blue Dwarf Beauty" Husbandry Notes When I first got into the hobby, I tended to ignore some of the smaller species. I was basically obsessed with larger Ts, and most of my wish lists were filled with the giant species with leg spans of 7" or more.