[ 5 syll. se-bas-tia-na, seb-asti-ana] The baby girl name Sebastiana is pronounced as Seh-B AE S-Tiy-aa-Naa- †. Sebastiana is used predominantly in Italian and it is derived from Old Greek origins. Sebastiana is of the meaning woman from Sebasta. It is derived from the element 'sebastos' which is of the meaning respected, venerable, augustus. Sebastian origin and meaning Sebastian is a 9 letter name with 4 syllables. This name means person from ancient city of Sebastia. To see famous people named Sebastian, pop culture references for the name Sebastian and nicknames & variations - visit Nameberry or Wikipedia.

They all were named Sebastian, a name Shakespeare liked the so much that he used it two of his plays, The Tempest and Twelfth Night. While the name has a certain French-like quality to it, it’s actually of Greek origin. And never underestimate the power of Disney.