a built-in look for the All Refrigerator. Install with louver for 79" fit or easy-to-remove louver for a 75" fitted collar look. Dual 79" Louvered or 75" Collar Trim Kit (TRIMKITEZ2) Optional trim kit that is designed to provide a built-in look for the All Refrigerator and All Freezer when the units are installed next to each other. Create stylish, water-saving commercial restrooms with Sloan flushometers, faucets, toilets, urinals and sinks. Architects, designers, engineers and building managers find all the sustainability resources they need at Sloan.

Chamber Pouches Spec Sheet; Suction Vacuum Sealer Bags. Zipper Bags Spec Sheet; VacStrip Bags Spec Sheet; Storage Bags Spec Sheet; Accessories. Prep Plate Spec Sheet; Pouch Stand Spec Sheet; Storage Canister Spec Sheet; Multi Ring Bag Stand Spec Sheet Designing a flexible and scalable electronic access control system with specific end user needs in mind, the Hager powered by Salto HS4 solution provides security where and when it's needed.