Sep 30, 2015 · In the applicationInitialization section I can specify multiple URL paths that need to be requested in order to warm up my application. In my case I only need to hit one URL. Also notice that I can specify the host name to use for the warm up requests (this is optional and if not specified the “localhost” will be used as a host name). The auto-start feature provides a controlled approach for starting up an application pool, initializing an ASP.NET application, and then accepting HTTP requests. IIS Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5. The IIS team has released the first beta test version of the Application Warm-Up Module for IIS 7.5. Any application that generates a server request for the hosted resources can be used to warm up an IIS process. Exactly how many requests you need depends on what parts need warming up. Typically, warm-up is used for: Starting up a worker process. For this, you only need to ask for one resource to warm up a process for the entire application.

Oct 18, 2009 · Web application pre-loading settings can be configured on a per Web application basis, allowing IT professionals to identify or create individual initialization pages according to their needs. Use the default or custom identities to pre-load the application. I used to use a warm-up script by Joel Olesen, but this looks cool. Apr 12, 2017 · While an application is being initialized, IIS can also be configured to return an alternate response such as static content as a placeholder or "splash page" until an application has completed its initialization tasks. The module includes the following features: Introduces the concept of a "warmup period" to the server.