N1500 series switches help create performance assurance with a data rate up to 176Gbps (full duplex) and a forwarding rate up to 164Mpps. Scale easily by stacking with 10GbE ports. Switch stacks of up to 200 1GbE ports can be managed from a single screen using the highly available stacking architecture for high-density aggregation Buy Dell N1524, get the best price on Dell Networking N1500 Series Switches. Fast shipping worldwide.

The N1500 can be specified with an additional 2 alarm relays, 3-wire MODBUS RS485 comms or 0/4 to 20mA retransmission. The powerful firmware allows front panel selection of input type, 8 different alarm functions with independent hysteresis on each alarm block and timers, square root extraction and a a 30 point user linearisation. Models: N750, N1000, N1500, N2000, N2500, N3000 The P-K MODU-FIRE ® Forced Draft boiler is a full modulation design that changes both fuel and air at a constant ratio to match boiler output to actual heat demand.