2010-11-06 Case Study: Upgrading the 2010 MacBook Pro for Photoshop and Lightroom. 2010-10-30 Reader Feedback on Mac Pro Setup and more. 2010-10-29 MacBook Air — Comparing to MacBook Pro 13" 2010-07-08 Connecting a MacBook Pro or iMac or Mac Pro to a DisplayPort Monitor (Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable) Potentially, all of them. Whether you use an iMac, a MacBook Pro, a Mac mini or a Mac Pro, all of these machines are susceptible to heat. The reasons for their susceptibility, in the first instance, may differ. It may be the design of the machine, where it is used or how it is used that contributes to heat-related problems.

Total solutions to upgrade your Mac. Transcend provides a range of Apple solutions for upgrading your Mac® computers. The JetDrive™ series is an SSD upgrade solution for those who want to replace the native SSD inside their Mac.